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placenta services

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Methods of Preparation

Traditional Chinese Method - $300

The placenta is first steamed with ginger, pepper and lemon. Afterwards, it is thinly sliced and dehydrated overnight. Then the placenta is powdered and placed into capsules. This is the standard traditional method of encapsulation.

Raw & Dehydrated Method - $300

The placenta is washed, thinly sliced and dehydrated for 18-24 hours. Then the placenta is powdered and placed into capsules. Benefits are that you get a higher quantity and higher nutrient benefits.

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Other Placenta Products

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Placenta Tincture - $25

The tincture is made from a piece of the mother’s own placenta, steeped in alcohol over 6 weeks.  Placenta tincture is used for emotional, mental and psychological instability and may also be very beneficial for treating PMS and menopause.

Placenta Salve - $25

4 oz skin healing herbal salve made from placenta infused in organic beeswax, oils and skin supporting herbs. Great for c-section scars, diaper cream, burns, cuts and scrapes.

Cord Keepsake

Preserve your baby's umbilical cord with a cord keepsake. The cord is shaped into a heart, the word "love" or other requested shape and then dehydrated and sprayed with a clear coat, gold or rose gold finish.


Placenta Prints - $25

Custom art made from a natural print of your placenta and cord. Water color prints available for $5 more.

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